London Subway

Lately, I’ve been riding the train to witness. I see everything, but mostly kindness. I know that doesn’t make sense in a world where cruelty and injustice and unspeakable mayhem cloud most days.

But, trust me, I see swift benevolence down here in the tunnel. Young women and men surrender their seats to the infirm. Old gentlemen steady the elbows of pregnant women, gliding them into empty seats. Yesterday, I watched a young boy trip. His face slammed against the edge of a seat, and he wailed to the heavens in his mother’s arms.

Instead of turning up the volume on headsets, several passengers pulled out their earbuds to take in the fury. Some of us moved closer to the child as if to muffle his wail. His mother patted his back and whispered assurances in his ear. We all looked at each other and smiled.

Photo: Michael Summers


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